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Transform a Neighborhood

I’ve had this little idea for a while about a way that investors can unite to make a positive difference in lives, neighborhoods, communities and more and make money while doing so. The idea is called “Transform a Neighborhood”.

It started with my thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone spearheaded a project of getting investors together to go into a neighborhood that needs improvement where properties can be purchased inexpensively and a big positive impact can be made together?” I have thought that thought many times. Then one day it hit me that maybe I am the person to spearhead the initiative. Now with all of the mortgage fraud and foreclosures–especially in certain neighborhoods, I really see a need and an opportunity here.

It seems to me that investors are often “lone rangers”; and, I often wonder what would be possible if we were united. I see this as a project where investors would collectively mastermind the idea, recruit resources and collaboration from the city, county, police force, drug task force, corporate sponsors such as banks, and so forth. However, each investor would individually purchase their own property or properties within the neighborhood that is being transformed.
Thus far, I’ve created a file folder titled, “Transform a Neighborhood”, where I jot down notes and throw them in there, stuck a little sticky note on my dream board with “Transform a Neighborhood” written on it, and had a long conversation with one of my coaches about it. Now, I figure it’s time to take the next step, put it out there for exploration and ideas from other investors, like you, to see what’s possible when we unite. Emily Dickinson said, “I dwell in possibility.” Well, I do, too; and dwelling in possibility creates all sorts of amazing things! If you are interested in the possibilities surrounding this idea, you can get involved by posting your comments and or emailing me at .

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