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Tax Time Tips

 Corporate tax returns are due March 16th.

 To file a 6 month extension on your corporate tax returns find the form here

Individual tax returns are due April 15th.

 To file a 6 month extension on your individual tax returns find the form here

Free Turbo Tax Business 2008

Intuit is offering a free download of TurboTax Business 2008 for Federal Filing.

Don’t Overpay Uncle Sam!

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How to Deal with Your Escrow Shortage & Increase Your Cash Flow

Property taxes and insurance are increasing every year.  If your mortgage requires an escrow account to cover taxes and insurance, this will increase the payment.  Often it results not only in an increase in mortgage payments but an additional payment due for a shortage in the current mortgage escrow account.   This quickly decreases cash flow; however, there is a way to get some relief! 

Typically, mortgage companies will allow two options when there is an escrow shortage.  One option is to pay the escrow shortage in full with one payment.  The other option is an increase in the mortgage payment spreading the escrow shortage over a twelve month period.  The mortgage statement will come with a notice to either pay the shortage payment in full or start paying your new (increased) payment amount. 

 It is not unusual for real estate investors to receive several of these increases each year on multiple properties.  Even if you only own one property, your primary residence, the additional monthly expense is no fun.   However, for real estate investors owning multiple properties, these payment increases can really hurt cash flow.  Even if the increase is only $20 – $40 per property, it adds up fast when you multiply the increase by 5 or 10 properties or more.  

Most mortgage companies are willing to spread the escrow shortage over a longer period than twelve months – if you request it.   Some mortgage companies will spread the escrow shortage over a 36 month period, which can really lighten the burden and increase your cash flow if you have multiple properties.  All you have to do is send in a written request asking them to spread your escrow shortage over a longer period of time.  It is helpful to explain that the increase in payments is creating a hardship.  After all, it is always hard when your cash flow goes down, right?  You may want to call the escrow department ahead of time and ask how long they are willing to spread out the escrow shortage; and then make your request for the length of time you want the payments spread out based on the information they give you. 

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