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The Business Side -XP to Vista … new computers/business systems

Things have really been crazy lately – a part of the craziness has been my computer crash leaving me behind on many tasks including blog postings. I’ve been wanting a new computer that’s faster, has more memory and capacity for some time now. It’s amazing how wishes can come true. My old computer started breaking down piece by piece -it was so slow, then the fan stopped working and within a few days the screen went blank. A new project and fast, I was now looking into the latest and greatest in the computer world.

Everyone said Vista is a problem, find a computer with XP. Well, that was close to impossible. The only option I found for laptops was to have a new machine built with XP by Dell. Since I was not interested in Dell and even the Mac didn’t support my business applications like ACT, Quickbooks and other programs, my option was to upgrade to Windows Vista – so I have.

I don’t think that the problem is that Vista is a bad operating system. Hey, years ago I had to buy a new desktop when the only thing available was the ME operating system, which was nothing but a problem. Vista seems to work great. The problem is that it doesn’t work with most older versions of software, which means upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and spend more money. Most all of my programs have had to be upgraded and that takes time and money.

On the bright side, having a new computer that is speedy with the latest and greatest features and software is a great feeling. I’m looking forward to rocking in the new year with a fast computer!

With that said, let me give you the coaching tip here. Researching, purchasing and overcoming the change with the new computer and transfer of data (let alone this being the holiday season) has been a challenge. However, remembering that I can go into the new year faster and better as a result of this challenge provides me with a light at the end of the tunnel. Most things that are worth while require work and sometimes even a little aggravation along the way, but the important thing is to keep the right perspective and the vision of what is to come in the future – try to visualize the fruits of your labor whether it’s a computer, real estate or other.

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