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Evaluating Neighborhoods

I always tell my real estate investor clients to talk to the neighbors in any area where they plan to invest. Getting familiar with an area is easy if you will just walk around and talk to the neighbors. You will be surprised what you find out about the neighborhood, the neighbors and even specific properties when you do that. I sometimes casually walk my dogs in new neighborhoods where I am considering investing and stop along the way to chat with anyone I see outside.

I have a friend who is looking for a new home in his daughter’s school district. His daughter lives with his x wife and their home is quite a distance from his current home. He wants to be closer to his little girl so he has set out on a search for a new home. After driving through numerous neighborhoods in the school district and narrowing it down to a couple of neighborhoods in the area, he was still having a tough time deciding between those neighborhoods.

On Halloween, we were taking his daughter Trick or Treating. Then this idea popped into my head and I said, “Let’s Trick or Treat” in those neighborhoods that you’ve chosen thus far!” We did just that. After our Trick or Treating adventure, his decision was very easy and he decided on one neighborhood that is his favorite.

Too bad Halloween doesn’t come around more often -what an easy way to check out the neighbors and get more information on a neighborhood. Even when it’s not Halloween, you can still walk the neighborhood and talk to people. Give it a try. One of my clients once told me a story about how he had heard my words about “talking to the neighbors ring in his ears”. He was shy and uncomfortable with just trying to strike up a conversation with people. However, he finally decided to talk a kid who was riding his bike. That little boy ended up telling him that someone had been killed in the house he was looking at purchasing. See what I mean? There’s a lot of information available for you if you’ll just get out in the neighborhood and start talking to people!

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