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The Path of Perseverance

Perseverance-It is constant persistence in a course of action, purpose, or state, steadfast pursuit of an aim, tenacious assiduity or endeavor, continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of

I love the part of the definition that states, “continuance in a state of grace leading finally to a state of glory”. Isn’t that what we all want – to obtain a state of glory? A state where everything just works, the money is flowing and all is well!

Consider the path of perseverance, that path leading to glory. That path is typically not a winding path filled with greenery, chirping birds, waterfalls, and other things offering peace and serenity. That path is filled with uphill climbs, sharp curves and even falling boulders. However, it is managing this tough terrain and staying in action towards our purpose that makes us stronger and wiser leading us to that state of glory.

This morning, I had a coaching session with a client that I am most thrilled to work with. She is just one of the most persistent people that I’ve ever seen. The thing that I really love about her is how she looks at and uses each experience -good or bad – as a learning experience. She never wallows in “poor me”, but bounces right back and says, “Okay, here’s what I’ll do differently next time to make this better.” She has managed the real estate investing terrain so well and learned so much along the way.

In building her wholesale business, she comes across all kinds of motivated sellers – many who are other investors who have been taken by unethical investors. This week alone, she had examples of three different motivated sellers -other real estate investors who were needing to get out of their properties.

  1. The seller lives in California and purchased a house in Atlanta site unseen for $180K (with a $180K appraisal) but unfortunately, the house is only worth $110K at best.
  2. The owner lives in Arizona and purchased a house site unseen that is in a terrible neighborhood, the ceiling is sagging among other issues and he owes more than the house is worth. Since he owes more than the house is worth, he wants to rent it and she is helping him get it rented -even that is a struggle with the area and condition of the house.
  3. Another investor is from New York and is about to go into foreclosure with 14 properties, many of which are vacant.

In negotiating a deal and helping her Arizona owner, she is learning about how much it takes to fix up and take care of property and also learning about dealing with tenants, contractors and people who promise to do things and then fall off the face of the earth.

I am so excited for her because on her path of perseverance, she has had the opportunity to learn so much and it has cost her very little. Yes, it has cost her time and aggravation; however, she has been spared getting into any major financial debacle in a deal. She is learning what is really going on in the market, as well as, how to avoid getting herself in to bad deals.

Part of the path of perseverance is the learning. Step away front the front and center seat at the stage where you will hear only the positive sides of investing and go into the field. Get on the path of perseverance -learn for yourself the truths, the ups and the downs, learn how to manage the terrain and in the process you will carve out a strategy that works for YOU not the strategy that worked for the guru. Really folks, that’s what it’s all about -what works for YOU! The only way to find that out -is to take action and start learning those real world lessons! The path of perseverance, although tough to navigate at times, will teach those lessons needed to take you to that state of glory!

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